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kalau sesapa nak quotation boleh bagi details ye

Salam, kalau sesapa nak quotation boleh bagi details ye. Takaful bukanlah jaminan kesihatan, tapi mengelakkan kita mnggunakan simpanan untu...


Monday, March 16, 2015


Female illness is a separate package (we called rider) that been added to the package. Mostly semua kampeni insurance plays the same rule; added rider.
Utk ladies plan -
* Pays benefits for life events such as marriage, childbirth, and more
* Covers female illnesses not covered by critical illness plans.
* Pays benefit for female cancers, even if you receive payment from a critical illness plan
* Covers pregnancy complication and delivery of an infant with congenital illness, not covered by most other medical plans

NOTA KAKI: mana-mana Takaful atau insurans tak cover keguguran atau first stage or second stage kanser. Kecuali virus dah malignant.

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