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Monday, January 21, 2013

Dimana ADIK WILLIAM???????

Ini adalah khidmat masyarakat dari saya akok is a person not a kuih................

Tertengok budak nie teringat dengan anak sedara. Saling tak tumpah macam anak sedara. Nau'zubillahh.. Saya doakan agar adik william kembali ke pangkuan keluarga. Budaknyer comel.. kesian mak dier.. tak tido malam.. Iyerlah.. naluri ibu mesti sedey kan.... Sesaper yg ternampak adik nie, sila hubungi polis berdekatan dengan anda...

Rentetan kehilangan William Yau Zhen Zhong yg dilaporkan meluas oleh The Star hari ini, Page 4. Section: Nation.

Although we have heard the advice many times before, it is a good reminder to all parents and caretakers to be extra careful.

1. Keep an eye on your child. Always know where they are and whom they are with.
2. Teach your children their full names, address, and home telephone number.
3. Carry an up-to-date picture of your child to help the police or security guards look for them.
4. Accompany and supervise young children when they use the restroom.
5. Determine a central, easy-to-locate spot to meet in case you are separated.
6. Teach children to look for people who can help, such as a uniformed security guard, or mother with children.
7. Remind children not to go looking for you and to remain where they are if you get separated.
8. Have a special code word known only to family members. Tell your child not to follow any stranger who claims he was sent by you, but does not know this code word.
9. Teach your child that although he should be respectful to adults, he can refuse to talk to strangers.

Experts say the first 25 minutes is a critical period when a child goes missing as the child may not be far from the previous location. Quick action must be taken within this time to spread information about the missing child.
1. Send a young child out alone at night to run an errand.
2. Leave your child in a toy store or elsewhere while you go shopping.
3. Leave your child alone in the car, especially with the engine running, while you attend to some business.
4. Dress children in clothing that has their name on it as it can attract strangers waiting to start up a conversation with your child.
5. Leave your child in a public area in the mall expecting supervision from security personnel.
6. Attend public events with a child if you are going to be distracted. Make other arrangements for the child ahead of time.
7. Allow young children to go shopping on their own without adult supervision.
8. Be on time to fetch your child from school or other public places.

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