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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Edisi menderma: Fund Raising & Donations for Aisy

Saya ader mendapat whats app dari seorang Hamba Allah ini. Saya raser dier ibu sedara pada adik nih. Memohon donation atau derma untuk anak sedara yg menghidapi  Neuroblastoma Cancer stage IV. Hmm saya akan surf penyakit nih nak kongsi pada semua takafulovers.  Moga Allah permudahkan urusan mereka. Amin......

Fund Raising & Donations for Aisy

Alhamdulillah... The car stickers that we planned to do for Aisy's fund raising has arrived and has already achieved sale of 400pcs.. And we will continue to sell more insyaallah... After permintaan ramai, i am putting up my bank account for donations.. For those who would like the car stickers, i only give by hand to those who live nearby in subang jaya. I dont do deliveries because of time constrain and im afraid i cant commit to the buyers. Truly sorry.. Bukan memilih but i cannot manage deliveries bcoz of time constrain..

These are pictures of the sticker.. It is RM10 per sticker..

My account details are as below:
Bank Islam Acc 12065020193901 
Fazlina Ismawaty

Sorry i only have one bank account.. And please email me at fazlinaghouse@gmail.com if u have made any donations or would like to purchase the car sticker.. Or just to give ur moral support.. I'd truly appreciate it..

I guess this blog is no longer anonymous.. :) 

A million thanks goes to my wonderful n supportive family especially my mom n sister who started the ball rolling, relatives, neighbours, frens, colleagues, anonymous donours, readers, frens of frens, frens' families, family's frens, relatives' frens, colleagues's frens, neighbours' frens and those who have supported this cause and still are.. 

Thank u for giving my son a fighting chance.. God bless.. :))

Sumber : http://babyaisyezkandar.blogspot.com/

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