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kalau sesapa nak quotation boleh bagi details ye

Salam, kalau sesapa nak quotation boleh bagi details ye. Takaful bukanlah jaminan kesihatan, tapi mengelakkan kita mnggunakan simpanan untu...


Friday, November 22, 2013

Edisi sedih : Donation Takaful

Saya petik dari facebook Wardina Safiyyah OfficialPage

Ni wajah adik kita which was mentioned by teacher Aimi. I feel so sorry for him...May Allah protect him.
THIS message is VERY disturbing. WHY must this patient WAIT??? Astaghfirullah..... And why is the hospital ONLY giving him pain killers??? Please enlighten me.

Salam Kak Dina..saya mohon bantuan Kak Dina.

My name is Aimi. I'm a teacher in a boarding school in Kedah. One of my really good students who just finished his PMR is suffering from an untreated serious head injury (kapilari darah di brain pecah, according to early diagnosis) due to lack of specialists in the government hospitals in Kedah. In the mean time, while waiting for specialists to come down next week, he is suffering from a really continuous and agonizing pain. the only thing the hospital could do is give him pain killers (lots of them) while he waits. The family could not afford the cost for the operation which is about RM 6000, let alone to seek disgnosis from a private hospital which could reach up to RM 20-30k. His mother said that he is slowly becoming forgetful and this is very worrying. Hanif (the name of the boy) is a very hardworking and diligent student, who genuinely loves school and studying. all he could think of lying on the bed is to get back on his feet and go to school. a well-mannered boy but unfortunately his family is not very affluent. This was a text message a colleague of mine received from hanif’s mom this morning:

"Salam cekgu eja.saya mak hanif.cekgu ingatkan,hanif skrg terbaring sakit.minggu depan dr pakar dari kl akan buat rawatan,tapi memerlukan belanja 5-6 ribu.saya hanya jual kue.ayahnya pula takda kerja tetap.duit itu sebenarnya bukanlah banyak sgt bagi orang yg ada.tapi kami memang takda.saya nak minta tolong cekgu siar kat internet.kami sgt terdesak,masa pun tak panjang.kasihan hanif menahan sakit sebelum keadaan bertambah teruk lagi.terima kasih."

I really hope Kak Dina could pass this message on Facebook and I thank you and everyone (in advance) for your help, even in the littlest way. May God bless you. Today you help someone's child, inshaAllah, next time when u r in trouble, God will send good people to help you ease through your trouble.

these are the acc details:
Indrawati Aisyah binti mahmud
Bank rakyat22-003-153923-1
012 4622473

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