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kalau sesapa nak quotation boleh bagi details ye

Salam, kalau sesapa nak quotation boleh bagi details ye. Takaful bukanlah jaminan kesihatan, tapi mengelakkan kita mnggunakan simpanan untu...


Monday, December 16, 2013


KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara Malaysia’s ( BNM ) recent release of its life

insurance concept paper to promote a diversified delivery channel, such as

online and walk-in has been seen as something new, but it has to be pointed

out that two local insurance firms already offer life insurance products online.

However, for life insurance plans, where things may get complicated [in making claims], 

there will be “no one to service you if you were to buy online”.

“Agents still have an important role to play with regareds to life insurance 

policies,” said an official of an insurance company. “In cases where one is hospitalised 

and immobile, and if certain ‘grey areas’ were to occur in making claims, 

who is going to fight for you?” he said adding that even in advanced countries 

such as the US and Japan, agents are i ndispensable.

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